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Welcome to Napleton Collision Center

Are your repairs covered under insurance?
Do you have to go to the Collision Center they recommend?

If your vehicles repairs are covered under insurance, that's great!! Now the question is do you have to have your collision body work done at the center the insurance company recommends? The answer is no you do not! In Florida it is completely your choice as to which body shop you take your vehicle too.

We have found that many customers are not happy with the collision center presented by their insurance companies. This could be because of past experiences or maybe just because they have read poor reviews online. We can completely understand this and welcome you to have your collision repair done at Napleton Collision. Many people prefer us to the body shop selected by their insurance company because of the great quality of work our technicians do. Each and every vehicle is treated like our own. Napleton Collision even has a lifetime warranty on our work. That is also important to the insurance company when you request us to be your collision center.

Automotive insurance companies have benefits to selecting the body shop of their choice. That means the collision centers you are presented with, are not exactly selected because it is the best for you! Many times the insurance companies have negotiated lower costs to them when having your car repaired at the body shops they select. If you choose to bring your damaged vehicle into Napleton Collision, you will know that making you happy with your body shop repair is our number one and only priority. We do not cut corners at our body shop. We use high quality products to repair your vehicle right the first time. That is why we offer our lifetime warranty on repairs done at Napleton Body Shop!

Many times when you ask an adjuster from the insurance company about taking your vehicle to a body shop other than the one they recommend, you will notice they try to sway you away from it. You may be given all types of excuses. These may include:

  • The shop isn't on their list
  • It will take much longer to get the repair done.
  • They will not warranty the repairs
  • They may even lie and tell you that you must go to the one they selected

Do not be intimidated by them.

We are as transparent as possible with times, costs and anything else during the estimate repair process. Also it doesn't matter if the insurance company warrants the work as we do have a lifetime warranty on our work. These are common tactics by insurance adjusters everywhere and this is something you should be aware of. We believe you should be able to choose the body shop your vehicle goes to and luckily so does Florida law!

If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us here.



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